Folija 150x240 - Vaxo L 125

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High-vapor permeable, watertight roofing underlay ensures proper drying of the construction and insulation materials.

  • ensures proper drying of the construction and insulation materials
  • enables the creation of a pleasant microclimate in the space
  • due to its features it increases the thermal insulation properties by about 10%
  • extends the lifetime of the construction, substructure and cover
  • the possibility of installing the roof repayment, horns or diagonal concrete slab
  • prevents penetration of the pest and thus protects the structure from decay and rotting
  • prevents cooling and condensation of water in thermal insulation
Weightg/m2125 (±15%)
Tensile strengthN/50 mm240/120 (±30%)
Resistance to water penetrationclassW1
Fire reactionclassF
Flexibility at low temperatures°C-40
Vapor permeabilitySd0,03 m (±15%)
UV postojanostmonth3
Consumption ~ 1,1 m2 roof underlays/m2 roof surface