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BIBER roof tile, as one of the oldest tile models, can be applied in various building design projects due to their simple appearance. They are used for renovation of old traditional buildings, which are a significant cultural heritage, but occupy no less important place in contemporary architecture. Due to their simple, classic shape, they can be used as a highlighting decoration of a smaller roof area or as complete roof covering. This tile model is obtained by high-quality clay drawing technology rather than pressing. By kiln firing at high temperatures, high-quality tile microstructure is achieved, which significantly contributes to excellent frost resistance and long service life.

Tile weight (kg/unit)Use per 1m2 of roofCover dimensionsPackageNEXE roof tile – catalogueWarranty
2,230,4 – 36 unitscca 400(max) x 190560 pieces per pallet (packaging weight approx. 900kg)DownloadDownload

Available colors


* The product color may deviate from the color shown in the photos.